Z 760 coming back, hx4700 order canceled, no new devices right now

There has been some news now and links directly to the HP website showing detailed specs of all the new iPAQ devices. Unfortunately, the buyer of my Zaurus SL-C760 is unable to get it to charge via the new Brando cable I bought and needs to use the Z 24/7 as a server or something. It still works great if you charge the battery using the external charger though so it is a fully functional unit. I am refunding his money and he is sending it back to me next week. The thing is that hit my PDA budget hard so I had to cancel my hx4700 order for now. I will check out the Z and try to see why the cable no longer works because it was working fine for me here at home. I may try to get by with the Z or I may sell it again informing everyone that it works fine, but you just have to charge the battery using the included external charger instead of the USB port. If anyone is interested, please email me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom and I will let it go for a great price. By the way, the nice buyer is including the Sharp CF camera card that he bought too so that adds another bonus to the nice metal 3-in-1 stylus pen, the Brando USB sync/charge cable and Ambicom WiFi card I am also including. He was unable to get the Ambicom card working either and I am getting my friend’s DLink card to try on Tuesday to see what is up with it.

I have sold some of my 720 gear and only have the unit and Socket CF card left to go. There is one person chatting with me now about that device at a great price.

I am a bit disappointed with the hx4700 specs though since it only has 55MB of usable RAM and 80MB of File Store. I think that is a mistake by HP since you can always use a SD card as File Store type of storage and love the 128MB RAM in my MDA II. My MDA II is looking like a keeper more and more, especially if I am able to upgrade to Second Edition and get landscape mode. There is no 3rd party application that will work with the MDA/XDA II to put it into landscape now.

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