What devices still interest me?

As I said in a few earlier posts and as you can read about in tomorrow’s PDAGeek newsletter, I am maintaining the status quo for now. I was hoping to see some of the new iPAQ devices at our PSHUG meeting, but Jeff sent them out for a photo shoot so I will have to wait until next month. I did see the 1715 at Circuit City and it is a piece of JUNK! It feels very cheap, yet is priced at $279. The only people who will buy this are those who don’t know any better. Especially when you can get a X30 High for about the same price with a Dell coupon or rebate.

The iPAQ 6300 interests me, but the low RAM (55MB usable), slower processor (does give it good battery life), and high price ($600) will probably keep me away. I was also hoping for a trimmer snap-on keyboard since the photos make it look rather clunky and it doesn’t have a backlight. The MDA III looks very good, but not worth the upgrade from my MDA II.

The hx4700 still interests me with its large VGA display, but again it is hampered by lousy RAM (55MB). I don’t really need a CF slot either, although they can be nice to have for adding cheap memory. The ASUS A730 has about the same specs with a 1.3 megapixel camera and may be cheaper as well. I called and canceled my eCost order twice now so this one my pull me in just because it has almost everything.

I am very interested in the Treo 610 that will improve on the Treo 600 (ACE) with a high resolution display and Bluetooth. You can get a 600 now from Amazon for only $149 after rebates and activation so I think the 610 is getting closer and closer to reality. I have never owned a Palm smartphone and think this one may get my attention. I doubt it will run Palm Cobalt (OS 6), but I have been pretty happy with OS 5. I could sell my excellent UX50 to help offset the cost of the 610 and this may be the route I go.

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