Z 760 up for sale, Jornada staying a while longer

Well, I received the Z back on Thursday and it seems to charge fine through the USB sync cable while it is powered on, but only charges for about 15 minutes when it is off. I can’t figure out what the heck is up with the charging of this unit and don’t have the time to monkey with it or Linux. It works extremely well if you use the external charger and the 1700 mAh battery lasts at least a couple hours with WiFi running and the LCD backlight on. I picked up a Linksys WiFi CF card to test out since the Ambicom one wasn’t working and the Linksys one worked out of the box without even having to put in a SSID. It sure was nice browsing via Opera and NetFront on the Z, but I just can’t spend the time playing with it so I am offering it up for a good deal online.

I tried the Ambicom CF WiFi card in my Jornada 720 and it works fine there so I guess it just doesn’t like to play with the Z. I am keeping the 720, Ambicom WiFi, and Socket BT card for a while now because I just can’t give up this excellent unit. I am a bit disappointed in myself for getting rid of all the extended batteries so soon, but the standard one still provides a nice amount of usage time.

My Mugen Power extended battey for the X30 and Piel Frama leather case arrived on Thursday as well and the X30 is now tricked out. I am still debating about the hx4700, but must resist HP and their high priced units:)

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