D-Link router tests, laptop or PDA?, voting has begun

I am reviewing the new D-Link 802.11g SuperG wireless router and found it extremely easy to setup initially. The range actually seems to be a bit less than my 2 year old SMC Barricade 802.11b router when tested with the Axim X30H. I did pick up a neighbors NetGear router so I am exploring ways to lock down my network a bit. I tried WPA (WM2003 Second Edition devices support this) and WEP and the utilities showed that I was connected, yet I could not get email or surf on the device. I need to check the settings some more to see what is going on. I also have a 802.11g PC WiFi card that I want to test with the D-Link router to see how fast G is, but have to wait for a laptop to become available at work since they are now all taken.

My SMC allowed me to use one button to configure a firewall, but this D-Link router has all kinds of customization options. However, I can’t seem to find the simple Turn Firewall On feature so I had to install ZoneAlarm for a while until I get it figured out.

Judging for the Pocket PC Magazine Software awards starts today so I will be busy evaluating several categories over the next month while also trying to conduct reviews and coach my daughter’s soccer team.

I considered picking up an Apple iBook or inexpensive laptop today since my PDA fund has grown quite a bit lately, but then changed my mind as I have to evaluate why I need or could use more than what my PDAs can do. Then again, it would be pretty nice to just use a Smartphone to connect a laptop via Bluetooth and not have to try typing on a foldout keyboard with a small disply. I’ll take a look at it more this weekend.

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