Voice Command press release, HP turns away enthusiasts

Microsoft included a quote from me in their Voice Command retail press release. Cool! I do love using Voice Command on my Phone Edition, especially because it is so much more difficult to dial than a Smartphone.

I have now received my funds from selling devices and sent them all off to their new homes. I am going to pass on the new crop of iPAQ devices and really the only device that interests me right now is the new Treo 610. I have been visiting TreoCentral a lot and almost jumped on a Treo 600 for $350, but restrained myself because the Treo 610/Ace should be so much better with a nice display and Bluetooth. Rumors are flying about a release date, but I imagine the October estimate is probably right.

I would also go for a VGA Dell device because I am sure it would be reasonably priced and the fact that HTC is making the Axims now pleases me. I have been happy with HTC quality in previous iPAQ devices and my MDA II.

HP has really turned me off with their new crop of funky looking devices priced way too high and with limited specs along with their snub of so many enthusiast sites while not enforcing their own policy on sites like Dave’s iPAQ who had rumors posted in the discussion forum and was still able to get review units. Quite an uproar in the community has been generated and HP is only hurting themselves. They may sell to the corporate world who doesn’t care about these things, but the enthusiasts will probably not be supporting them as much anymore. ASUS, Loox, and Toshiba also have nice VGA units coming out with better specs and if I go with a VGA device then I will look to them before HP. It really is a shame that HP released such ugly devices because their previous generation of products like the 4100, 4300, and 2200 series were actually very nicely designed with some great form factors and specifications for that generation of devices.

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