Dutch Harbor trip and back to civilization

It has now been a week since I updated my blog and I apologize for the long delay. I was busy with my regular day job last week and then had a business trip to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I found out that I could not get a cell signal and there was no internet access at the hotel or anywhere else. I could have gotten online with my ISPs 800 number, but didn’t take my ZOOM Bluetooth 56k modem since I thought I was only going to be there for one day. Well, the fog ended that hope and kept me there an extra day and half and I just finally arrived home yesterday. There are some rather large mountains going into Dutch Harbor airport so any fog stops inbound traffic. There ended up being about 35 standby passengers lying around the airport waiting for a flight out. I finally ended up on a plane that was planned for cargo with 12 other people. This was one of those two seat wide plans with propellers that makes you ensure you are right with God before going up in the air. We stopped in Cold Bay, Alaska for fuel and I finally arrived in Anchorage at just after midnight yesterday. I caught a flight to Seattle at 1:30 am and went to bed as soon as I arrived at home. The barge inspection itself went well and we found it was not made with the bad aluminum so that is good news. You can check out my TextAmerica multimedia blog for some pics of my trip.

Many of my reviews have been going up on PDAGeek and I still have several to write. I was able to write a couple using my Think Outside IR keyboard and Dell Axim X30 up in Alaska. There is nothing new for me as far as devices go, but I did buy another UX40 and extended battery, along with a WiFi Memory Stick, for a good deal. However, it hasn’t arrived yet and I am a bit worried I may have been stiffed by the seller. This time though I received his work phone number first so I have faith the unit will arrive in a couple days.

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