T3 e805 trade, UX40 hopefully here soon too

I have been wanting to try out a VGA device because I thought that one of them combined with my IR keyboard would be a good Handheld PC replacement. I stumbled upon a Brighthand forum ad where a guy wanted to trade his Toshiba e805 for a Tungsten T3 or sell it outright. We worked out a deal last night where I give him my MINT T3, Sena case, and Targus IR keyboard along with $50 for the e805 and a Covertec case. He actually lives here in Washington so we are going to make a face-to-face trade of the gear. I can’t wait to try out the 4″ VGA display running WM2003 Second Edition since the iPAQ 4700 is way too high priced for my blood. The Toshiba looks to be one of the top models in VGA to me since it comes with a whopping 128MB RAM and also supports USB host functionality. This could truly be a Handheld PC replacement with a USB keyboard and mouse connected to it. The only thing missing is Bluetooth, but I have enough other devices to get me connected on the road that this isn’t an issue now. I could always add the Socket BT CF card too.

I was primarily using the T3 for navigation with TomTom, but will now go back to Mapopolis on my devices. I wasn’t using the T3 for much else, but have to admit the display is quite nice and the speed and memory are impressive. Hopefully, an improved T4 is really coming down the pike from palmOne.

I have been getting a few emails from the UX40 seller and also numbers from a USPS receipt so I am hopeful the package will arrive today or tomorrow. The package includes a rare EB40 UX extended battery that I saw was going for over $200 on ebay. I plan on keeping the UX40 and UX50 for my daughters when they get older since these mini-laptops would serve them well.

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