UX40 arrived, e805 VGA is pretty sweet

Well, the UX40 package arrived and is in perfect condition! The color of the device is a bit different than the UX50 and is actually quite nice. I am now thinking that I will pass these UX devices down to my daughters as they get older since they are like mini laptops with a cool camera, wireless functionality, lighted keyboard, etc. I now have to keep my eye out for one more good deal on a UX40 or UX50.

The UX devices are now the only Palm Powered devices in my arsenal since I traded my wonderful Tungsten T3 for the Toshiba e805 on Saturday morning. I traded with tmann from the Brighthand and Pocket PC Thoughts forums who is a very nice guy that I met at Starbucks on Saturday. The e805 he passed to me is in excellent condition and connected to my home WiFi network in a matter of seconds. The device was preloaded with WM2003 Second Edition and a VGA hack that helps to turn everything into VGA mode. The font is quick small, but the display is beautiful like the Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 I had. I tried Word and Excel and can definitely see this device adequately replacing my Handheld PC. I now need to load it up with TextMaker and lots of other apps. This may become my new home Pocket PC and the Axim X30 may be a future goner. The X30 does have Bluetooth, but with my Phone Edition and Smartphone I do not use the X30 for BT at all. The X30 also does not have a CF slot like the e805 and I like using that for cheap memory expansion.

We are having a geek garage sale at our local user group meeting tomorrow and I plan on trying to get rid of my Abacus Fossil SPOT watch (I love my Dick Tracy model), Ambicom USB Bluetooth dongle, sunglass/headphones, Fonix software, and other items that I can find in my collection. I also hope to see some of the new iPAQ devices and the Motorola MPx220 Smartphone.

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