e805 VGA is awesome, Agendus Mail, PSHUG swap meet

I used my Toshiba e805 in landscape mode with my Think Outside IR keyboard last night to write up 3 mini-reviews at my oldest daughter’s soccer practice and the VGA display is an absolute pleasure to use. Text appears almost sharper than even paper and I am getting very spoiled by it. The fonts on my UX devices are similar, but the e805 has a much larger display and is brighter. I think I will have to pick up the Mugen 2000 mAh battery from tmann (the guy I traded to get the e805) though since the high res display does seems to use up the battery quite quickly. I want to try out the USB hosting function with the cradle to see if it is worth getting the optional $20 cable to use a mouse or keyboard too.

iambic just released Agendus Mail with support for IMAP accounts, beating SnapperMail to market with their solution. SnapperMail 2.0 is still in the beta stages, but offers quite a bit of functionality as well. I am reviewing Agendus Mail on my UX devices and love the IMAP support. Now I just hope that Mailblocks will still be a solution for me when the AOL transition is completed, but my hopes are not that high that there will still be a separate service.

My daughters is at work with me today and we are going out to lunch, then a movie, then the local Pocket PC/PDA user group meeting where they are having the swap meet. I have a couple small items to try to sell or trade, but hope to see some new iPAQ devices and the Motorola MPx220. My daughters are always asking to come to the meetings and since they will be starting school soon this should be a good one to attend.

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