Toshiba e805 up for sale, UX50 going for the record, rumored PDAs

Well I decided to get rid of the Toshiba e805 package already since it is getting a bit crowded in my PDA bag and I am keeping the Axim X30 even though it has the low res display. The X30 with Bluetooth is a bonus since I just received the Dell Bluetooth keyboard to review, which so far is quite incredible. The e805 display is absolutely gorgeous, but I am going to wait for the other VGA units with integrated Bluetooth and faster processors to come out in a month or two. Surfing on the e805 is a breath of fresh air on PDAs and I am sure someone will enjoy the unit. I would really like to see the rumored MDA IV with VGA since I keep going back to using my MDA II Phone Edition device.

This weekend I used my UX50 most of the time and really do like these models and just wish there was more RAM since I do have to manage where I install things and how I use some programs. It has almost been a year since I started using my original UX50 and this model is quickly approaching the record held by my Jornada 568 device of 14 months.

There are rumors of a Tungsten T5 with high resolution display, no slider, Cobalt OS, and integrated WiFi with some serious RAM. I will wait to pass judgement on this model, but it may be a possible future Palm Powered device for me. However, the Treo 650 looks like a great fit with the high res display and phone functionality. Then again, it looks like there is no WiFi or ability to add it to the Treo 650 and I actually use my mobile devices with WiFi quite a bit at home.

There are going to be many decisions coming up before Christmas so you may see more of my devices headed out the door with new models coming in.

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