Voq Professional Phone and questions on the silence from palmOne

I received my Mobile Planet catalog yesterday and like to use it to browse what products are out or coming soon. They had an unlocked Voq Professional Phone now available for pre-ordering for $500. This isn’t too bad for a SIM unlocked phone without activation, but it is lacking Bluetooth. It doesn’t have a camera, but that is not a dealbreaker for me. The thumb keyboard looks very usable and this could be a decent Treo 600 alternative for those looking for a Windows Mobile device. I have been trying to get one to review for Geek.com, without any luck so far.

It still appears the iPAQ hx4700 won’t be out until maybe as late as October and others may beat them to the punch with their VGA devices. The new ASUS model with a 3.7 inch display with WiFi and Bluetooth is in the current Mobile Planet catalog, but still not yet shipping.

It has been very quiet in the Palm world and the only device that is more than a rumor is the Treo 650. It was fun when Sony was in the market and releasing new devices every couple of months and I think the longer that palmOne stays silent then more and more people may move to the Windows Mobile platform where there are a ton of new devices and options available for buyers.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on September 10, 2004 - 19:16

    It’s hard to believe PalmOne has not release a POS 6.0 pda in all the time that it has been out. Most of the team at my work has switched from Palm to PPC, largely because of the multimedia capabilities and higher quality apps on that platform.

    I’m a final hold out, as I’m reluctant to go to a 320×240 display. But it’s a race right now between a capable 6.0 / treo 320×320 / vga pocket pc device for my dollars — whatever comes out first.

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