iPAQ 4700 shipping, where is palmOne?

It has been a week since I posted a blog entry and hope no one is too disappointed. The iPAQ hx4700 is now shipping from many places and user reviews are starting to pour in. I have decided not to spend my money on one since the rumored Dell X50 looks more interesting at a savings of $150+ in a smaller form factor. I just cannot stop using my MDA II and am actually thinking of getting rid of some more devices (my UX models?) and getting a MDA III with WiFi and thumb keyboard.

We should be hearing some news from palmOne soon regarding the rumored Treo 650 and Tungsten T5 and they sort of interest me, although if the T5 is lacking WiFi then it will probably be a no go for me.

I was selected to be on the MSN Search Champs team and will be attending a summit at Microsoft next Monday and Tuesday. I love doing these tech shows and cannot wait to provide my input on the future of MSN Search. I wish my fulltime job was in the tech sector, but at least I get the chance to have fun occasionally.

  1. #1 by Robert on September 27, 2004 - 15:47

    Me too. I am have put my Apple Powerbook on hold for now in favor of the new MDA III. There are a couple on Ebay right now, but where would you buy?

  2. #2 by palmsolo on September 28, 2004 - 07:23


    I am actively looking for a MDA III right now and see there is someone on ebay that takes trade-ins on MDA II devices so I am emailing them for more details. They should be available from other sources shortly. I’ll post if I find out where they can be found. This device will have everything I need and I can get rid of most all my other devices, except for one Palm Powered device for review purposes.

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