MDA III arriving soon, X30 and MDA II for sale now

Well I did it, I took the plunge and just forked out some major bucks for the T-Mobile MDA III device from a seller on ebay. I will be getting it today or tomorrow via FedEx and can’t wait to get a device that should satisfy all my desires. I have been using my MDA II for a few months now and my other devices rarely see any usage. I was missing WiFi, an integrated backlit thumb keyboard and WM2003 Second Edition and since this device has all of that then I feel comfortable getting down to a single Windows Mobile device. I will still keep my UX devices for Palm reviews since there is no other Palm Powered device with BT, WiFi, and integrated keyboard.

If you are interested in my Dell Axim X30 or MDA II package then I recommend you check out my ad here. If you mention that you saw the ad via my personal blog then I will knock $25 off each package price. Note that this is $25 off the package price as I mention in the previous sentence. I will work out other discounts if you want to buy pieces of the packages.

I’ll keep you updated on the MDA III.

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