New device on the way for review, thoughts on T5

I am pretty excited about what I will be doing later this week as a new device is coming my way to review. I can’t say anything about it, but have dedicated time this weekend to spend taking it through the ringer and my full review will go live early next week on Something new that has not been announced on ANY Windows Mobile device will appear on this device so stay tuned for some excitement next week.

I sat in on a webcast for the new Tungsten T5 and have been reading the online forums in the last few days. I think the device is nice for those entering the Palm world, but is not compelling enough for most people to upgrade. I think most people prefer WiFi over Bluetooth since Bluetooth is just taking too long for people to discover how it can be useful to them. The specs are quite impressive, except for WiFi, but PDA enthusiasts want to see the Cobalt OS with multi-tasking in a device such as this. I don’t know why it is taking manufacturers so long, it has almost been a year since they have had it, and wonder if there are some real compatibility issues. palmOne or other Palm Powered manufacturers need to come out with a killer device or I think you will see more and more people moving to the more powerful and now less costly Windows Mobile devices. The Treo 650 should be out at the end of October and I am sure it will do quite well, but again it is lacking WiFi integration. If you can add the WiFi SD card then that may help and palmOne should consider bundling the card for a lower price.

  1. #1 by Robert on October 6, 2004 - 12:31

    Now you’ve got me wondering what this new, unannounced item is.

    How’s it going with the MDA III? Any luck getting it flashed to English menu?

    I contacted an ebayer selling that device to ask whether they were English or German. He claimed they were getting them flashed to English before shipping, so a fix must be coming.

    I checked out the Imate and it looks like the way to go, but I’m gonna hold out til the Treo 650 comes out to make a decision.

    Do you have to return the device after reviewing, or can you buy it at a discount since it will be technically be used?

  2. #2 by palmsolo on October 6, 2004 - 12:40

    Most of the time we have to return devices after reviewing them, although sometimes we do get a press reduction of something like 25-30% if we want. We generally get to keep cases and items running about $60 or less in price after reviewing them. I give things away or sell them to get more devices to review for the site and never keep the money or put it into my family budget.

    I am liking the MDA III and understand an English ROM is close, but not yet there. I see the person on ebay selling the iMate is no longer selling them and had a note saying they would be delayed a week since they had to go to him first for some reason. It is usable in German, but I still can’t figure out the wireless management utility yet. I just need time to try the Google translation utility and then I should be all set.

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