MDA III English ROM available with minor issues

I knew it was only a matter of time before those excellent developer on the XDA Developers site figured out how to crack the English ROM so the MDA III buyers could flash it over. I am still waiting on confirmation from the seller I bought it from to see if my warranty is voided if I do the update, but I may end up doing it anyway since I rarely use warranties on my mobile devices as it is. It looks like the keyboard though will be flashed to the English keyboard and in addition to my Z and Y being back to normal yet different on the keyboard there are some other keys that will be shifted around as well. I wish the ROM update would switch to English yet leave the keyboard alone and read that there are developers trying to create a utility to remap the keyboard back to the way it is in on the device.

I would like to have all the menus in English so I could use the device to its fullest, but also do not want to screw it up. I’ll let you know how the update goes if I perform it later today.

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