Updated MDA III with English ROM, success!

I just performed the English ROM update and so far everything is working like a champ! I need to test out WiFi and Bluetooth more when I get home tonight, but it sure is refreshing to have all my menus in English. There are a couple of minor issues; you lose ClearVue PDF and PowerPoint viewers, you lose the T-Mobile splash screen at startup and gain the iMate one, and the keyboard is in English so not all the keys and the letters and symbols they make will match up. Someone may come out with a way to map them back to the German keyboard, but I should be able to adjust to the standard QWERTY keyboard without having to really look at it. The period, @ key, – key and some other symbols are a bit different so I have a photo of the iMate English keyboard to refer to until I can memorize the changes. Overall, I think the update is worth it as long as Bluetooth and WiFi work.

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