T-Mobile down, Blue Angel coming to the USA, new review units

I didn’t get a chance to check out Bluetooth connectivity on my MDA III last night, but was able to use WiFi and it connected without any real effort. The range is less than what I have seen with the Axim X30, but about the same as the CLIE UX50.

I am feeling a bit disconnected right now since it appears that the T-Mobile GPRS server is down in the West. I was unable to connect yesterday afternoon and thought the ROM update messed up my device, but then I popped my SIM into my Orange SPV E200 and Nokia 3650 and neither of those could connect either. I called T-Mobile this morning and they are working on it, but didn’t have an estimated time of repair. I posted my experiences on the Howard Forums and others are chiming in saying they cannot connect either. Oh well, I only pay $5 and can still use WiFi to connect now that I have the MDA III.

I posted a news blurb about the HTC Blue Angel (MDA III/XDA IIs/iMate PDA2K, etc) coming to the US through AT&T and Cingular soon. My MDA III is now really an iMate PDA2K, except for the slightly off thumb keyboard and actually considered selling this one at a loss to get the PDA2K with English keyboard and same ROM I have now. The only thing I lost from the ROM update was ClearVue PDF and PowerPoint, but I owned the ClearVue suite and the Adobe Reader is free so I have them back on my device now.

A FedEx box arrived at my house this morning and another may come tomorrow so I will be spending some serious time doing some reviews this weekend for devices to be announced next week. I may have to catch the bus home early to get started or else my nights will be very long this weekend. My wife and I are probably going out for wings and dancing tonight too so one night may already be shot:)

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