Axim X50 reviews everywhere! What is better, the iPAQ 4700 or Axim X50?

There are several reviews of the new Axim X50 models out now since Dell did such a good job seeding the enthusiast community with review samples. Check out the Aximsite thread with a link to all the reviews online that I could find yesterday.

I want to do some more testing of the infrared to see if it is consumer grade and also test out WMP10 Mobile some more as well. I have seen some people knock the device for USB host functionality, but after thinking about it some more how many people would actually use this functionality? If you want to hook up a USB keyboard and mouse, why not just use your desktop? I prefer to use a slim keyboard like the Dell Bluetooth model and my stylus to move around on the screen.

Battery life has also been a big issue and I regret that I did not have time to conduct many real-life tests since I only had the device for a short time period before the launch. I plan on testing out the battery life a bit more as well. I read someone state that the price with the Dell extended life battery puts it up only $60 or so less than the 4700 and then got to thinking maybe the 4700 is a better alternative. However, the Dell is quite slim and feels great in the hand so if you are looking for something portable it may be the better choice. Then again, the 4700 looks to be quite the powerhouse and you may be able to find it online for around $600. I haven’t played with one myself so I can’t tell you which one I would buy with my own money, but with Dell’s coupons and the fact that they include WMP10 Mobile while HP has stated there will be no upgrade for the 4700 the X50 is a good choice.

I also received a comment from a PDAGeek reader that the intent of the big arrows on StuntCar Extreme was for a user to use their thumb for the accelerator and brake and not the stylus. I was using the stylus and it felt awkward playing the game and can’t believe what an idiot I was for not thinking of my thumb. The game is now much, much more playable and I am excited they included it since that was one of my favorites on the Tapwave Zodiac.

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