Hosted Exchange service and Tungsten T5 review unit on the way

I returned from my whirlwind trip to Homer and now have a trip to Minnesota and Ontario scheduled for November 7th through 10th. I had minimal access via the hotel’s service and was only able to check email. However, with my Mailblocks email service and limited 15MB mailbox I keep running into full mailbox issues. I can pay the $10 to upgrade, but since AOL bought Mailblocks I am not certain of its future. I am now going to test out a hosted Exchange service to see if that is worth it. If not, I may go back to my Yahoo Plus account with 2GB account. However, Yahoo Plus doesn’t support IMAP, which is very important to me for managing emails on mobile devices.

I just faxed in my form to get a Tungsten T5 to review for 30 days and that should be arriving soon. I am not thinking it will sway me to it, but it will be interesting to check it out anyway. I have only used my UX50 device about 20 minutes in the last couple weeks as my MDA III and the review X50v occupy my time. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Gladiator on the X50v while in the airplane to and from Homer. The X50v went from 100% to 41% with brightness at about 35% while watching Gladiator at maximum volume. That seems reasonable to me, but I am still keeping my eye out for the Mugen Power battery upgrade.

I also just received the Piel Frama MDA III case and am checking that out as I write my review. They use a plastic piece over the keyboard to hold the device in the case. Right now I am using the slip case provided by T-Mobile so I am looking forward to seeing how this one works out.

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