PSHUG meeting, initial headset thoughts, BT driver

We had a decent PSHUG meeting last night and I think people were generally fairly pleased with the Dell Axim X50v. Jeff also brought in several new HP iPAQ devices including the 4700 and 3000 series. I had to split at the end to go pick up my wife’s lost cell phone so I didn’t get a chance to play with them like I wanted to.

That C500/Audiovox SMT5600 looks better every time I see it and I can see recommending it to family and friends. I think this may be the device to get people into using the Microsoft Smartphone platform and definitely think HTC has created a big winner with this device. Bill and Jeff, along with Jason G, seem to really like the device and are happy using it in a two device solution. I am still a big fan of my MDA III Phone Edition since data is more my thing than voice is.

I started using the Bluetake G3 headset last night and found that the Widcomm stack in the Dell X50 and X30 support handsfree mode so I was able to listen to music, etc. over the headset. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is in the MDA III, but the people over at XDA seem to be close to figuring out the correct registry setting to get it working as I have seen a screenshot with the correct option.

I hope to pick up a set of the new Bluetake stereo Bluetooth headphones to see how that works and think it would be great to listen to tunes without any cables.

I also discovered last night that the Stowaway Bluetooth driver I use on the MDA III does not work on the Dell Axim devices and I have to reload the actual Dell Bluetooth keyboard driver to use the Dell branded Bluetooth keyboard.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on October 27, 2004 - 14:28

    I agree, I have a C500 and think it’s great. Had a SE P800 from eBay but it was too big as a carry everywhere phone, and I think that a Smartphone is best not having a touchscreen. It’s primarily a phone and I don’t want to use a case that makes it even bulkier.

    Just bought a Jornada 720 as my data device and so want as small a phone as possible!


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