Dell Bluetooth keyboard, truck being repaired

I was having some serious issues with the Dell Bluetooth keyboard on
the X30H and X50v and was worried something serious was wrong. My Axim
X30H worked very well with the Bluetooth keyboard and then I installed
the 05 ROM update and the setup screen stated that my Bluetooth stack
is not compatible with the keyboard. I was also unable to get the
Bluetooth keyboard connected to the Axim X50v. What happened was that I
had loaded the keyboard driver into the flash ROM area of the devices
in an attempt to save RAM space and also ensure that the driver was
always there, even after a hard reset. However, the driver will not
work unless it is stored in RAM and once I reinstalled it into RAM I
did not have any issues using the keyboard. This type of behavior is
one reason that I am leery of the trend toward more ROM and less RAM
and one major reason I love the 128MB RAM in my MDA III.

Initial estimates put the damage on my truck at about $8,000 and since
it is worth $13,000 it will most likely be repaired. My only concern
now is the loss in trade-in value since that is where I was going with
the truck in the first place when I was hit. I am sure it will show up
in Carfax soon too and am going to call the insurance company today to
see if they offer some type of compensation for diminished value.

My girls are all feeling good and I am ok, but still have a very sore
neck and lower back. The pain is quite nagging, but 800mg Motrin does

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