Wait to buy the Dell Bluetooth keyboard with a X30 or X50 device

If you are considering a purchase of the Dell or Think Outside
Bluetooth keyboard then I offer a word of caution at this time. My Axim
X30H worked very well with the Bluetooth keyboard and then I installed
the 05 ROM update and now the setup screen states that my Bluetooth
stack is not compatible with the keyboard. I am also unable to get the
Bluetooth keyboard connected to the Axim X50v and understand Dell has
removed the keyboard from the accessories compatibility list for the
X50. This is something that Dell needs to get figured out ASAP and I am
going to contact my Dell representative to find out what the heck is
going on right now.

I should find out from the body shop what kind of estimate I am looking
at to fix my truck, but initial observations from the drunk driver’s
insurance company is that it may be $10,000 to $12,000 in damage which
is about the worth of the truck. It really is a shame since the truck
was in mint condition. My girls are all feeling great and I am ok, but
still have a very sore neck and lower back.

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