Trip to Minnesota, truck is OK

I am currently in Ontario and have setup a WiFi network in my hotel room to submit Geek blurbs and do some work. I travel with a D-Link router since I travel with my devices and need a way to connect to the hotel ethernet port. I saw the northern lights in Minnesota yesterday and there was a bit of snow here today. We had a bit of trouble getting across the border since the Canadian immigration officer was concerned about us taking away work from Canadian workers. We have a couple more boats to inspect tomorrow and then will be heading home.

My truck is being fixed and everything will be fine with it. I will even end up getting rid of the scratches I had on the side of the bed and am only a bit concerned about the mechanical stuff, yet the repair facility is excellent so I have faith in them.

I just ordered a T3 from Overstock and am buying a SD WiFi card from my online buddy, Ted. I am probably going to sell one of my UX devices soon and may sell the EB40 batteries separately since they are going for a great price on ebay due to being so rare.

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