UX devices out the door, T3 back and Axim rocks

I decided to get rid of my CLIE UX devices since I never use them and when I do I keep bumping into the memory limitation. I was going to save them for my daughters, but since Sony is now longer selling or supporting them I decided to forget that idea. My daughters have their Palm m100 devices and don’t use them too much now so when they get a bit older I’ll just pass along a Windows Mobile device to them.

I donated my UX40 and WiFi Memory Stick package to a US Army soldier who plans to use it with his medical team. I may have sold my UX50 package, but haven’t received a reply from the potential buyer yet. I may also still have one EB40 extended battery available too.

I purchased a Tungsten T3 from Overstock.com and a palmOne SD WiFi card from my buddy, Ted, and will use the T3 as my Palm Powered device. I am evaluating the T5, but think the T3 is a better unit and decided to go with it. I thought about going back to a Tapwave Zodiac2, but the limited web browser, lack of email client, and other software issues swayed me to stick with the very robust and rock solid T3. Now I have to go pick up another Sena Cases case for the device along with a JAVOScreen screen protector and JAVOSync sync/charge cable.

I am still using the MDA III 90% of the time and really love using the device. On my last business trip I actually used my Axim X30 95% of the time since I have the Mugen Power 2000mAh battery and I could go all night with WiFi on, Bluetooth connected to the keyboard, and backlight at 60%. I actually use the X30 much more than the X50 due to the battery life issues and look forward to an extended battery for the X50.

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