T3 is screaming now, cranking through the review backlog

I received my Tungsten T3 from Overstock.com and have started loading it up with all my applications. The unit was one of the cheapest blemished ones they had and I picked it up for only $230 with a coupon I found online. I have to admit it is in MINT condition and you can’t even tell it is not brand new so I don’t know how it was classified as blemished, but that is ok with me:) The speed of the T3 is very refreshing and makes me realize why so many people still like Palm Powered devices. I ordered a JAVOEdge bundle (leather case, screen protector, sync/charge cable) to make sure my unit stays in mint condition. I was also able to extend the loan of the Tungsten T5 so I can do some side-by-side comparisons and make a better judgement about which is best.

I also started out by loading JackSprat and JackFlash on the T3 to clean out almost 9MB of ROM so I could put the updated Documents to Go, MessagEase keyboard, TealMover, and other essential apps into ROM while getting rid of misc. items. It is so refreshing to have available RAM on the T3, unlike with the UX devices.

I am cranking out reviews and just received a H-70 Net-Box to review. I need to catch up a bit more and then plan on setting up the Net-Box this weekend. I am interested to see how much network setup I can figure out with this unit that is designed to make it easy for the home or small business owner.

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