Church issue resolved, setting up the Axentra Net-Box

My life has been full of trials lately and another one was just overcome this week when our church body decided that the merger we tried with another church for the last 6 months just is not going to work out. I am actually very excited about our future and I learned a TON through this process so that we can do it right this time.

I received an Axentra Net-Box home server to review this week and think the idea is a great one. It includes a WiFi router and all the software and hardware for you do quite a bit without really knowing anything about servers. For example you can run a server, back up your system, and access files remotely. So far I have found the box fan to be very loud and the WiFi router has a weaker range than my old SMC Barricade 802.11b router. I am going to try to play with more advanced features here the next few days, but think I could probably create one of these Linux based boxes myself with a quieter fan and better specs.

My T3 with the WiFi card is great, but the battery life isn’t so I may be looking at one of the T3 external power options soon. I am also playing with the X50v some more and trying to get a chance to really check out Windows Media Player 10 and Player 10 Mobile.

Keep on eye on PDAGeek since I just submitted 6 more reviews recently and have trimmed my backlog down to about 15 items to review.

  1. #1 by pda2k user on April 24, 2005 - 18:02

    this applies to pda2k/XDA IIs/XDA III/MDA III/M2000/SX 66/ QTEK 9090 etc

    I have owned the pda2k for a few months now. its an amazing device, here is my short list of things i am extremely unhappy with even after installing the firmware fixes from imate, the bluetooth is a complete disappointment….and the placement of the mic, the voice FROM your device is horrible to the listener.

    There are other smaller issues but I can live with those, but for a 900 USD device its critical that a main feature such as Bluetooth worked as advertised by imate and then the phone call on this quad band phone is no where close to acceptable.

    SO i recommend that all general pda2k users email imate management and apply pressure on them to get their engineers to produce a fix before they rob a lot of customers. By the way, there is no official support from imate and they are TOO BUSY RELEASING OTHER PRODUCTS. Imate has promised all their registered memebrs on that the new release with ALL the fixes will be released in a few days, but this has been going on for months, few days has transltated into few months and I know pda2k and the series is not a priority for them anymore.

    You dont want to beleieve me? visit and try and register? what?? you can’t? because imate doesnt want potential customers to know the real issues that current owners are actually facing by only alllowing current owners to register and join their forums meanwhile they DO NOT HAVE ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT ANSWERING ON THE FORUMS….that should be proof enough. visit and checkout the forums section for more info on this.

    Management: ; ; ;

    Employees: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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