Is my SPV E200 dead?

I hope everyone in the US had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. I ate quite a bit and had a great time talking with family and friends over the last few days.

My Orange SPV E200 died this weekend and it may be dead for good. I was playing games on it and then put it in my bag without turning it off. Then it was dead on Saturday afternoon so I put it on the charger and all I saw as a flashing red light. It remained like this for hours and would not turn on when I removed it from the charger. I even took the battery off and left it off overnight to try again with the same results. The only thing I could find on the Modaco Smartphone forums is that the battery may be hosed. I am attending Mobius 2004 later this week and hope someone there has a battery I can try out to see if the device is indeed hosed. If so, I can’t believe that letting your phone die without turning it off would fry the battery. Anyone have any ideas about this problem?

My Tungsten T3 is now loaded to the hilt and operating wonderfully. The battery life really is quite poor running WiFi, but the display sure is nice on this device. I have almost completed my review of the T5 and will be returning it to palmOne next week.

Speaking of this week’s Mobius 2004 event, I will be providing details on Wednesday or Thursday so keep an eye out for some news.

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