Mobius evening reception

I went into work at about 4 am so I could leave early and head on over to the Seattle Marriott waterfront hotel and meet with Chris Leckness. We met up about 3:30 and then headed up to Pike Place Market for some dinner and just to chat about devices and our lives.

The hotel is nice, but the $25 a day to park my truck is a bit high. BTW, my truck just came out of the shop and looks and drives great. It is nice to be back in a higher seat. Internet is $8 a day, but I just stuck with my T-Mobile data for Day 1. For some reason email is fine, but I can’t get to the web right now and hope it is just a temporary deal. We get WiFi in the conference room so I will be connecting with my devices that way. I do not have a laptop so I will be using my MDA III and Dell BT keyboard to take notes.

I went down to the evening Kick-Off reception and met Jorgen Sundgot, Arne Hess, Lisa Gade, and Julie from the Gadgeteer. I met them all, but Arne, at the last Mobius. Derek Brown kicked off the evening by talking a bit about Mobius and the Windows Mobile brand. He is the father of Mobius and a great guy. I then moved around the crowd and chatted with Hal Goldstein, Ryan Kairier (sp), Jason Dunn, Howard Chui, Rich Brome, and many others. I will list all the attendees later to make sure I spell their names right and don’t forget anyone. We stayed up until about 11 chatting about mobile devices, sites, and life. The food was great and so was the diet Pepsi:)

People brought some toys and gadgets like the new Nintendo DS and Treo 650. The 650 has an incredible backlight on the keyboard and a wonderful display. I may have to get one when the GSM version comes out. It really is the most compelling Palm device at the moment.

BTW, I wrote this entire post on my MDA III thumb keyboard.

-Sent from my excellent MDA III!

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