No more cheap mobile data

Please forgive me for the delay in getting details of Mobius 2004 up on my blog site. I can no longer get web page access via the T-Zones $4.99 plan and am going to have to upgrade to the $19.99 monthly plan. You are still able to use email with the $4.99 plan, but no HTML browsing. The WAP browsing from my Nokia 3650 works, but I can’t figure out how to browse via WAP on my devices since they use HTML to browse and I don’t think there is a way to work around this. I knew it was too good to last forever and should have signed up last week. Can you believe they shut the pipe the day I went to Mobius so I only had Internet access during the daily sessions where I was too busy working to post a thought?

I still think $19.99 is a good deal, but with other mobile operators coming out with faster data at reasonable prices T-Mobile may be losing some of their edge in data soon.

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