Smartphone just isn't for me, MDA III on ebay

I must have angered my funky C500 directional joystick by complaining that I kept on going up when I was trying to press in because now it doesn’t want to go up easily. I press it up and it just sits there 90% of the time. I move it down a bit and then back up and it moves up about 25% of the time. I also hold it up and it will eventually move up sometimes. Needless to say I am not pleased at all with the directional controls on this C500 and am coming to covet the MPx220 my wife has. The flip form factor really does feel good in your hand and when talking on it. Since this C500 gets such good battery life I may be relegating it to a modem for my other devices. We have also found the MPx220 to be getting excellent battery life, much better than the cheapo Samsung free phone my wife was using. I have her set up now with some fun ringtones and also the $4.99 T-Mobile T-Zones service so she can check email on the go.

I haven’t had any takers on my MDA III yet and have even lowered the price considerably. I just put it up on ebay (here is my ad) in hopes of selling it soon so I can pay Robert for the PDA2K which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to go back to using this Blue Angel Phone Edition device as I just find myself too limited with the Smartphone platform.

I am also trying to get a newer Symbian smartphone to review because they generally have great battery life and a nice UI. I may be getting the funky 7610 to review for soon.

We are working on a big holiday guide for in an attempt to clean out our entire review backlog and start fresh while giving our readers a good guide for gadgets during the holiday season. I will be working some serious late nights for a couple nights as I try to crank out my part of this guide and will post a link when it goes live.

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