Geek Holiday Review Guide coming soon

Whew, Joel and I just spent the last couple of days cranking out a review guide of 50 products that will be going live on soon. This guide served to totally clean out our review backlog and provide readers with some information on products as they buy for the holiday season. I spent way too many hours on this, but I think it will be a nice product. Next year we plan on doing one that brings a bunch of our reviews from the year together as a holiday resource.

I can now get my PDA2K setup and rolling along. The unit is just like my MDA III, but with the English keyboard that should be nice. I did like having the T-Mobile logo on the MDA III, but the English keyboard is more important. Also, T-Mobile has been experiencing intermittent data problems and I am still researching whether I can use the $5/month service or not. It looks like port 80 is closed so I will most likely stick with the $20/month plan.

My C500 continues to experience issues with the directional pad. It has problems going left and up on a regular basis and drives me crazy. I see the imate SP3i has been released and it is very similar to the C500, except it has a joystick like my E200. I contacted Orange about replacing this C500 and should see if they have a SP3i instead:)

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