CES craziness, PDA2K is solid, C500 troubles

It has been quite a chore lately going through over 250 email invites to meet with people at CES in January. Last year was my first trip and I overbooked myself and was struggling to get to each meeting since the show is so HUGE. This year, I am limiting my one-on-one meetings so I can spend more time wandering the floor with my wife. This is her first trip to Vegas so we have a couple days just to hang out too.

My PDA2K is doing quite well, but I had a small heart attack the other day. This device was only used a couple hours and is in PERFECT condition. Well, I put it in my jacket pocket and forgot to zip it closed. When I ducked to go under the garage door it slipped out and hit the cement floor. Luckily, it only suffered very small scratches in two corners and everything is still fine. However, I take pride in keeping my devices in MINT condition and am now bummed that this has some usage scratches. Oh well, I LOVE this device and don’t see upgrading soon unless a VGA model with high res camera, faster processor, and longer battery life comes out.

My C500 is still not working right in the up and left direction and Orange has been unresponsive. My wife’s Motorola MPx220 looks better every day:) Orange may be out with the Christmas season so I will follow up with them again after CES. My PDA2K is going with me down there with the cool Nokia 7610 Series 60 review sample I am checking out too.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on December 21, 2004 - 10:42

    Glad to know its ok. That is a scary feeling when it has one of them take a fall. I had that happen with a T3, and heart attack is NOT an exageration. A couple of small scratches is a great result considering. Robert

  2. #2 by palmsolo on December 21, 2004 - 11:12

    I have only dropped devices like twice in my life and couldn’t believe it when I saw the PDA2K on the concrete. Man, was I angry at how stupid I was and then relieved when nothing but scratches were on it.

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