imate JAM coming to review and prepping for CES

Boy, it has been quite slow in PDA/mobile device related news lately and has been tough to find at least 2 things to talk about each day on I just worked out a loaner deal with David Weiniger to get an imate JAM to review for This was one device that seriously impressed me at Mobius 2004 due to its rock solid feel and very small form factor. I can’t wait to put it through its paces and evaluate it after CES.

Speaking of CES, I am taking my wife down there with me to Vegas for her first trip there. We are going to be quite busy with CES and press parties and still have to figure out what to do on Saturday. I walked miles and miles last year, but had a great time checking out all the cool consumer electronics gear. I am sure my wife will enjoy the large floor full of automobile enhancements like GPS, stereos, alarms, etc. I have 10 interviews set up and hope I can stick with them all this time. I made way too many last year and just couldn’t physically make it to each one due to the sheer size of the event.

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