Day One CES 2005 report

Day One

I am now starting out the second full day of CES here in Vegas and have probably walked about 10 miles already. I really need to get a pedometer next year to see how much walking I do. My wife is quite tired of all the walking and is going shopping today while I go to interviews and wander the floor.

The first night I went to the opening keynote with Bill Gates. There was a line of probably 300 or more people to get in after it was already full 45 minutes before the event. These people were hoping that spots would open up. Thanks to prompting from my wife I went up to the front of the line and showed security my press badge and they quickly ushered me in. Since I was now alone they squeezed me into a decent seat about 20 rows back from the stage.

Conan O’Brien, from the Late Show, came out after Gary Shapiro, CEO of CEA, and I thought he was great. Bill Gates came out and sat in a chair set up just like the Late Show and actually said some funny stuff as well. A couple of demos had some technical issues, but I do not think it was as bad as many in the press stated. Although after the photo one failed they should not have gone back to it a couple more times. Nothing major was announced, but there was some content partnerships and some other cool mobile device functionality revealed.

I then went to the Digital Experience press event and met many people that I have been emailing for so it was great to put some faces to names. Pentax had a cool new digital camera that takes photos underwater, Fossil showed me the Palm OS Wrist PDA that I am checking out thoroughly on Friday, HP had the new 2200 series devices with a flip cover that looks like a great non-phone device, there was a cool new iRiver MP3 player, and some other cool things. palmOne had a ton of cases and some accessories, but not much else going on.

My wife and I then walked around the city some more and headed to sleep about 1 am.

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