Fun with the T3, JAM, and MyFi

I am reviewing a new game for Palm Powered devices, Eric Snider’s Blackjack, and am having lots of fun. I wish I had this before CES so I could have won back some of the money I spent in Vegas at the buffets. I also found that Think Outside released Bluetooth drivers for the BT keyboard and it works fine with my T3 and Dell BT keyboard.

I am also really loving this compact JAM device and think there is no reason to have a Windows Mobile Smartphone with this more powerful option out there. The only real limitation is the 64MB RAM and 7 MB ROM. It is going to be tough giving up this device.

I finally got around to setting up my Delphi MyFi in my truck with the external antenna and it is an even more awesome set up now. Every station comes in clear everywhere I have been driving this weekend and I now have it set up to record a couple stations at night while I sleep. Now I just have to try the personal antenna at work to see how well reception works. I was doubting this pruchase a bit before I hooked it up in my truck this weekend, but now I am sold on satellite radio.

M@ Miller
-Sent from my awesome imate PDA2K!

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