Alaska trip, JAM experiences, sale coming

I am off to Alaska again for another barge inspection trip. This time I am going to Haines so I don’t think I’ll have much chance for connecting to the net. I am taking my Bluetooth dialup modem though in case I need to get that fix and can call the 800 number to my ISP.

I now have the JAM loaded up with most all of the same essential apps I run on my PDA2K to see if this device could work for me. My love of the awesome size is wearing off a bit as I now have to manage the memory. I still think this device is a better alternative than a Smartphone for those who want the power of a Pocket PC. However, if you are a voice centric person, the Smartphone may still be the better alternative due to the ease of dialing and one handed operation. I am just too big of a thumb keyboard fan to give up my PDA2K, even if it is quite a bit larger.

Speaking of thumb keyboards, the Treo 650 GSM units look like they may be coming later this month so I am having a big sale on extra gear I have that I never use. I’ll post a list here when I get back from Alaska and will then try to sell it on the forums, followed by the trusty ebay.

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