i-mate JAM with WiFi card ROCKS!

Joel just sent me a SanDisk 256MB SD WiFi/memory combo card to try out with the i-mate JAM and it works great. I have surfed the last couple of days at home at night and still have over 50% of the battery life left on the unit. The JAM also worked to wake me up this morning and it is quite rare for a Pocket PC to actually have alarms that work regularly:) I was chatting with the excellent reseller who loaned me the JAM to review and he said I could sell it to someone for a much discounted price since it is now used. I treat my devices with extreme care and since I thought I was sending this back to be resold it is in NEW condition. I am debating whether or not to shell out the money for it since it is SO dang compact and works so well. I am also considering selling my PDA2K to pay for it, but I just can’t give up the memory and keyboard on that unit. If my iPod and some other gear sold then I would have the money for it, but was planning on saving for a Windows Mobile 2005 unit this summer.

If anyone is interested in buying the JAM, feel free to email me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom to discuss it.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on January 31, 2005 - 12:07

    i am trying to connect my imate jam to a wifi network.

    I do have a wifi card and its working fine.

    The problem is

    When my card detect a wifi network .. the icon of wifi starts .. then when I try to connect to the internet the gprs starts connecting while the wifi is already connected

    I don�t know if I receive my internet through which connection as both connection are active the same time.

    I assume its receiving it through the wifi because browsing is pretty fast.

    I tried different types of setting to make the connection only through the wifi but I couldn�t succeed.

    Please let me know if there is away like the pda2k when it works on the wifi first then if it is not present works on the gprs.

  2. #2 by palmsolo on January 31, 2005 - 12:20

    There isn’t a handy Wireless Manager like on the PDA2K, but I just have been putting my GPRS connection into Flight Mode and then WiFi seems to work fine. I’ll have to play with this a bit more when I get home, but this seems to work fine for me.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on February 2, 2005 - 09:43

    I did try to switch the flight mode off, i do connect through WiFi but i get disconnected right away. Something in my setting is wrong. I am wondering if you can post the settings you have on your Jam.

  4. #4 by palmsolo on February 3, 2005 - 07:48

    OK, here is what is showing on my JAM. Under Start>Settings>Connections>Advanced I tap the Select Networks button and both show My ISP (Internet and private network settings). Under Network Cards>Network Adapters I have My network card connects to Internet and when the dialog box pops up I select to connect to the Internet instead of Work.

    The SanDisk WiFi utility is very functional and has some great monitoring tools too. Check under the Advanced tab to see if you have the Power Save mode enabled or not. Since the JAM has such good battery life I prefer to get Best Performance rather than Best Battery Life myself. I also have Auto Tx Preamble selected, but don’t really know what that means;)

    You may also want to insert your card and then do a soft reset of the device. Also, make sure you download the latest driver from the SanDisk site and don’t just use the one on the CD that came with the card.

  5. #5 by Anonymous on February 5, 2005 - 04:40

    Thank you. its working fine now, and it really rocks. i am getting signal stronger than the one we get on my friends pda2k.

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