Bought the i-mate JAM

I am a member of the MSN Search Champs program and successfully solved the riddle in our last newsletter so I am getting a copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional that I will end up selling on ebay for a nice little profit. The fact that I won this software has pushed me over the edge so I just purchased the i-mate JAM from the reseller who loaned it to me for review purposes. I don’t really need another device, but this Phone Edition is so dang small and the battery lasts FOREVER.

If you are looking for a JAM or PDA2K then I highly recommend you go to David’s site first to make your purchase. He also has the excellent SP3i Smartphone for sale and his prices are the best you can find on the internet with service that can be TRUSTED. He also now sells the JAMs with the 128MB memory upgrades. I am thinking about getting this upgrade, but I can’t justify the $200 right now and will just try to manage my memory a bit better on this device.

The C500 I had is now in Peter’s hands and I still have not received the SPV E200 battery that I ordered from a guy on ebay over a month ago so I don’t have a working MS Smartphone at this time. My wife has the Motorola MPx220 and is quite happy with it too.

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