In Hawaii for salvage

While I have much enthusiam for mobile devices and would love to be a full-time evangelist for them, I actually do have a quite unique and interesting day job as a naval architect. When I was in the U.S. Coast Guard in my last tour in DC I was a very active member of the Salvage Engineering Response Team (SERT) where we assisted with remediating vessel casualties. I LOVED this work because it was real-life urgent engineering and was extremely interesting to me. Our firm has now decided to start marketing this capability and thus 3 of us are now on a duty rotation where we are available 24/7.

This week was my first duty week and I am now typing this blog entry on my JAM with my Think Outside IR keyboard on a plane bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. A 530+ foot bulk carrier with a full load of dry cement ran aground just off Barber’s Point and I was asked to fly out ASAP to provide the engineering necessary to get the ship afloat again. She is very hard aground from the sound of things and cargo will have to be offloaded to get her afloat since there is not much tidal range in Hawaii right now.

While the travel can be inconvenient since it occurs at the last second most of the time, I am very happy to be doing this type of work again. I don’t know how long I will be in Hawaii and maybe this trip I will actually get to the beach:) My wife and I are going to the Big Island in May for a PartyLite vacation and I actually have to come back out to Honolulu later in Feb. or March for another vessel inspection so I am going to get quite familiar with this flight.

-Sent from my amazing compact JAM. Ask me about it:)

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