MDA IV, PDA2K may be for sale, JAM is good!

I just posted a blurb on the MDA IV that was announced by T-Mobile Germany yesterday. At first I was ready to put my PDA2K up for sale ASAP, and still may sell it too, but then I saw that there were no hardward buttons on the front of the device and the red and green phone buttons were on the keyboard itself. This looks like you will have to open up the clamshell to answer a call, which I don’t think would be very convenient. I like the faster processor, support for the faster data networks (which T-Mobile hasn’t yet rolled out in the U.S.), and the VGA display along with the cool flip and twist (ala Sony CLIE UX50) design though. What I would like is a VGA display device with the PDA2K/MDA III form factor that allows you to rotate the display 90 degrees into landscape mode while still using the PDA2K thumb keyboard as it is right now.

So I don’t think I will get the MDA IV (don’t hold me to this statement :)), but I would like to see what the next version of the JAM will look like. The MDA IV and other devices coming this summer and fall will most likely run the latest Windows Mobile 2005, that should have some good improvements in it.

I am using the JAM most of the time right now and just ordered a 1GB SD card to go with it. I am considering the 128MB RAM upgrade if I can sell my Bluetooth headset, GPS, and some other gear to pay for it. I am afraid as soon as I get this done though then the updated JAM with 128MB RAM and integrated WiFi will come out soon thereafter. The camera in the JAM has been taking some nice photos lately and I am not missing the thumb keyboard too bad. I could sell the PDA2K and pay for the RAM upgrade and am considering this option too.

If anyone is interested in the PDA2K for the lowest price on the internet, then feel free to email me and try to convince me to give it up for the JAM;) I have a couple of cases for the PDA2K too (Proporta and Piel Frama) so I am considering not letting it go yet.

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