Change of heart, JAM is up for sale now

OK, Peter was right:) I was smitten by the form factor of the JAM and it almost had me get rid of my wonderful PDA2K. I am an uber-PDAGeek so I will be sticking with the device that has it all, WiFi, Bluetooth, ample RAM and ROM, and my lovely thumb keyboard.

As a result, I am going to finish writing up my JAM review and then it will be available for the low, low price of only $550. This is the lowest price you will find on the internet for this MINT condition (new, except for the time I reviewed it) device. I put a Proporta screen protector on it when I first bought it (same as the JAVOScreen model and others) so the display is as new as the rest of the unit. If you are interested then feel free to email me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom to discuss and get some photos.

I am also dropping the price on my GN Netcom Bluetooth Headset kit to $130 and my Bluetooth GPS package down to $175 so if you are interested in either of those feel free to email me as well.

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