JAM may be sticking and updated sale prices

I haven’t had any takers on the JAM, my Bluetooth GPS or Bluetooth headset and am seriously considering keeping the JAM and getting the 128MB RAM upgrade. Joel gave me a 256mb SD WiFi card and Piel Frama is offering to send me a case to review so that is pretty compelling as well. The JAM is so dang small and I could use it as my highly portable/smartphone type device when I am out and about and don’t want to carry the bulky PDA2K.

If anyone is interested I will sell my Pharos Bluetooth GPS iGPS-360 to a blog reader for only $125. The dock itself normally sells for $90-$99 so this is quite a deal if you are looking for a GPS for your device.

The GN Netcom GN6210 Bluetooth headset is very cool and works with your mobile device and your office phone. It comes with a headset lifter so all you have to do it tap the button on the headset and the phone lifts on your desk. I only spend about 20 minutes a day on the phone at work so it isn’t worth keeping on all day long. If you are in an office environment and talk a lot on the phone, then this product is for you. I am selling this headset and the lifter accessory for only $125, which normally goes for at least $175 all the way up to over $300.

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