JAM now sold

I am in the process of finalizing the sale of the JAM device. This was a tough decision since it is such a nice Phone Edition device, but I am going to make the sale and then be patient and wait for the WM2005 version of the JAM with more RAM. The MDAIV that was announced last week looks interesting, but the lack of any hardware buttons on the face to even answer the call concern me. However, this was probably still an early prototype photo so I am not going to make any judgements until I see what is released.

My JAM review will be up on Monday or Tuesday at Geek.com and I hope you enjoy it. Joel said he wanted to go buy a JAM after reading my review. I have too much invested, cases, cables, etc. in the PDA2K and I love the integrated keyboard so I am actually exhibiting some constraint with the JAM.

I was thinking about now buying the Treo 650, but the low memory concerns me and it really seems more for phone/voice centric people rather than data-centric like me and the PDA2K is the best full featured device out there right now.

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