Fossil Wrist PDA initial thoughts

I recently recieved a sample of the new Fossil Wrist PDA running Palm OS 4.1 to review for The watch is about the same size as my SPOT watches, but the face is quite heavy. The stylus is rather cool and it does well running most applications I have tried so far, including the Tide application, AvantGo, Documents to Go, and some games. The backlight is a cool Indiglo blue which looks great in dark environments, but not so well in partially lit environments. Battery life is horrible when using the PDA functions and only gives you a couple of hours of use. As a watch without any PDA use I have seen over 4 days of battery life, but why would you want to use it just as a watch when you pay $199 to $249 for it and it takes up some serious wrist real estate. The 8MB RAM and processor are great specs and I also like the standard mini USB connector, but this is really just a geeky item that I cannot see the general public picking up for use. If the battery would last at least 8 hours for PDA use then it would be a better product. My latest generation SPOT watches are lasting me about 8-10 days with regular checking and reading of the channels and I am very pleased with them though.

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