PDA2K finally up and running smooth, ParkerVision router

I sent the JAM off on its way to a new home last week and spent this weekend hard resetting and reloading my PDA2K. I like using the Actin Engine Brand-n-Go service, but it just would not run on my PDA2K and I thought it must have been some kind of software conflict. I started reloading my device with just the apps I used regularly, beginning with Brand-n-Go. It worked fine and then I started loading everything else up. I had 90% of the apps loaded and then did a backup using Sprite Backup. After a successful backup, I continued loading up the device. After it was done, I soft reset it and then saw nothing but the blue i-mate screen. I had to do a hard reset and recover to my last backup. I then loaded the software up again. I ended up doing this same thing 3 more times and was getting pretty frustrated. At one point, I stopped the installation of the ClearVue Suite and my new PNY 1GB SD card was corrupted. Luckily, I had made a backup on my desktop of my SD card before going through all this so I was able to reformat the card and get it loaded with most everything I had before.

I finally was able to get the PDA2K loaded up and running how I wanted it to and left off the ClearVue Suite since it may have been the software causing me some problems. I really don’t need it anyway since I do not do much attachment viewing on my device and I have TextMaker and PlanMaker loaded up to cover me.

I also installed the new ParkerVision SignalMAX router into my home network and replaced my aging SMC Barricade router. I tested the D-Link SuperG router before, but it had less range than my trusty SMC Barricade so I gave it to a friend to use. The ParkerVision model is 802.11b, which is fine for me since I use my wireless network with mobile devices and fast transfer speed is not important to me. Range is what I want and after some preliminary testing it looks like the ParkerVision router may have earned a permanent place in my system. I have to test out the security features too, but I am already getting much better range than with any other router I have tried.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on February 14, 2005 - 19:27

    Please take a look at http://www.pvnotes.com/ for some reasons to be skeptical of ParkerVision’s claims.

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