Received the Suunto n6HR SPOT watch

As you may know I am a HUGE SPOT/MSN Direct watch fan and have been wearing my Swatch CES Commemorative one since CES in January. I met with the SPOT team at CES and was shown the new Suunto model, which they just sent me yesterday. I thought my Abacus Brown and Swatch CES models were awesome, but this one blows them away. It is extremely lightweight, has a very comfortable band (made even more so because the antenna is around the watch face and not in the band), has a cool green backlight, and is waterproof to 100m.

One reason I wanted this watch now to review was that I am starting up my physical exercise progam again to get ready for a trip to Hawaii and for summer 7s rugby. This model SPOT watch comes with what looks like a very cool accessory, a heart rate monitor. You strap it around you when you workout and it wirelessly communicates your heart rate to the watch. It also creates logs of your heart rate that you can then upload to your desktop computer. Suunto includes some full featured training plan desktop software that works with the monitor to help you plan and optimize your workouts. I used to keep a written log of my jogging routes and times and now my watch can do it all for me automatically.

I can’t wait to get started this weekend and will keep you updated on aspects of the watch.

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