Analyzing PDA usage, will the Treo be the ONE?

I recently began to monitor and track what primary applications I use on my mobile devices and where I spend all my time on them. It turns out that email, RSS reading, Handmark Express, and web browsing consume about 80% of my mobile device use with games, PIM, ebook and Bible reading taking up most of the rest of the time. When I travel I do write reviews on my devices, but I don’t spend a lot of time writing when I have a desktop available to do it. So it turns out I really do not use that many 3rd party programs on a regular basis and have most of them loaded because they are left over from reviews or I use them once a week, every two weeks, etc. and they are handy to have loaded. The reason for me looking at my use was to see what device really can meet my needs and not just my geeky desires. I really think the Treo may be my new killer device and am a bit disappointed I never gave it a shot before.

I still do like my Axim X50v and other devices, but I don’t spend much time watching movies, listening to tunes, etc. on my devices so these are mainly for fun and geeking out rather than required for daily use. palmOne has done a MUCH better job integrating the keyboard into the OS and having to pull the stylus out on the PDA2K takes away from its usefulness a bit.

Will my Treo infatuation last? Stay tuned to this blog to find out 😉

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