Dinner with mobile device guys and Treo 650 almost here

I went out for a very nice dinner on Friday evening with my daughter, Danika, to meet with Kevin from TalonPR, John from SplashData, Roger from Mobile Data Force, and Todd from Smart Box Design. I had the outstanding bacon-wrapped monkfish from the Flying Fish restaurant in downtown Seattle. SplashData just released the new version of SplashMoney that allows you to wirelessly download data from your bank account and I am going to give it a try soon. I love their new SplashBlog application and service and am using it more and more now with my palmsolo’s Treo Snapshots blog. There are some great plans for future functionality in SplashBlog, including support for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

Smart Box Design makes some great games and has plans for some great future ones that look like loads of fun. I was able to see one that I can’t say anymore about at this time;)

My Treo 650 is out for delivery from FedEx and I can’t wait to get it loaded up with my apps and start using it as my primary device. I was able to get the review 650 into a constant soft reset loop when I tried loading 10 new applications on Friday. I then went one-by-one and it appears there may be an issue with Adobe Reader for Palm on the 650. The GSM unlocked review model has still been very stable and I really think the carrier added stuff may be messing with other people’s devices who are complaining of problems.

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