First Treo 650 soft reset, new Mugen Power PDA2K battery

Well I experienced my first random soft reset yesterday, but it was directly related to a single specific application. I just paid for the upgrade to Agendus from version 8 to 9 and then was messing around with the settings and the Treo 650 just reset itself. It seems there is an issue with Agendus when you tap the checkbox to have Agendus manage your alarms. The Treo doesn’t like to let Agendus do this apparently and thus it reset. I unchecked this option and things have been fine ever since.

We had a company bowling night last night where we competed against another ship design firm to raise money for United Way and I was pretty consistent with a 120, 140, and 126. My bowling method is to throw the ball down as hard and straight as possible and I just could not get a strike. I had 6 spares in one game with 9 pins knocked down each time. I tried to take some photos with the 650 using the camera and SplashBlog, but it was very dark in the alley and nothing really turned out.

I just received the new Mugen Power 3300 mAh battery, that’s right 3300, to review with my PDA2K. That is a whole lot of power and should keep that device running for quite some time. It does add a bit of thickness in the center back area, but the device still feels find in your hand because of where it is placed. One bad thing is that the cases I have will now not fit so I will have to carry the PDA2K naked during my testing.

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