Pocket Tunes is another great Treo 650 application

You already know from reading this blog that Chatter email is a “killer” application for me that pushed me over the edge in using the Treo 650 as my primary device. I have been playing around with some other apps and just found out that Pocket Tunes allows me to stream internet radio stations over my T-Mobile data connection and it is very clear with no pausing for buffering in the channels I have been using so far. This is VERY COOL and allows me to listen to tunes with the display off and I still get Chatter emails showing up while the radio is playing in the background. Now I need to see if it is possible to get my XM Satellite channels playing over the internet on the 650. I never tried listening to radio over the internet on my Pocket PCs with my T-Mobile data connection, but will have to try that out as well. I just bought another couple years of XM radio at a low rate that gives me the internet feeds as well.

I am suffering from an extremely painful outer ear infection today and my whole head is throbbing and I can hardly hear anything out of my ear. I may work from home tomorrow so I can take some catnaps throughout the day when the pain gets too bad to even think. I need to stop monkeying around with these dang Q-Tips 😉

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